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The manufacturer added that its machines achieved 100 per cent availability throughout a tight schedule. “Cranes with superb precision performed expertly in hoisting a large number of steel and glass structures, while pump trucks, backed by truck mixers, worked 50 hours continuously with no delays. A Sany excavator, equipped with crusher and cutter attachments, managed to handle the local high-strength rock,” explained the company. 

It added that the contractor’s equipment manager was satisfied with the quality of Sany’s SY215C and SY335C excavators, quoting the contractor as saying: “These two models are reliable at 50℃ with high crushing efficiency, low fuel consumption and a near-zero fault rate. On-site support throughout the project and robust after-sales service will also contribute to our decision to use Sany excavators in our future projects in Saudi Arabia.”

80 units of Sany machinery help build World Cup stadiums in Qatar

Chinese manufacturer says its machines, comprising a mix of cranes, excavators, concrete pumps and mixers, and drill rigs and stackers, delighted contractor and came away with flying colours

The project, to be completed in December this year, comprises infrastructure work including paving and the installation of storm sewers, natural gas lines and an irrigation network. NBHH is also handling soft and hard landscaping, establishment of a potable water network and establishment of a communications system.

The second project consists of two distinct elements: the Zayed Link Road and Tal Moreeb Road.
The Zayed Link Road project will refurbish and double the capacity of the existing link road between the E11 highway and the Madinat Zayed military airfield near the city of Madinat Zayed in Abu Dhabi’s Al Dhafra Region. 

Approximately 50km of road will be converted from existing single carriageway to dual carriageway - two lanes in each direction with a central median). The existing carriageway will also be refurbished.
The Tal Moreeb Road project entails a new dual carriageway from Liwa to the Tal Moreeb dune area to replace the existing road. The road length is approximately 22km. Both elements are scheduled for completion in late 2022.

Ammann equipment builds UAE road projects

Three roller models integral to roadworks in Abu Dhabi’s Zayed Link Road and Riyadh City regions

The Ryan Turf Equipment Range:-

According to details from Bobcat, the Ryan Turf Equipment line comprises the following “robust, easy-to-use, top-quality” machines: 

Lawnaire Aerators - Removes small plugs of thatch and soil from lawns to improve natural soil aeration, water and fertiliser uptake and to strengthen grass roots. Productive, durable and easy to transport, Ryan aerators deliver high performance results.

REN-O-THIN® Power Rakes - Power rakes are designed for efficient and effective dethatching - removal of layers of dead grass to keep it greener and healthier, while minimising the chance of disease. They offer simple height adjustment for fine-tuning the dethatching depth down to 6mm below ground level. REN-O-THIN® power rakes provide the option to use reels or cutting blades, without any tools and even an optional seed box for lawn overseeding.

Mataway® Dethatcher - Built for heavy-duty lawn renovation and verticutting, the self-propelled, walk-behind Mataway® Dethatcher covers up to 1700m2/hour. Dethatching can go down up to 6mm below ground level with the use of five exchangeable blade types.

Mataway® Overseeder - Heavy duty and built to perform, the Mataway® Overseeder places seeds directly into soil slits for fast germination and unmatched seed-to-soil contact. The Overseeder plants grass seed directly into existing turf, without tearing up the turf or the soil.

Jr. Sod Cutters - Jr. Sod Cutters have been the gold-standard in the golf, sports turf, rental and landscape industries for over 75 years. Four sod cutter models deliver long-lasting durability and dependable performance and are available to lift sod for relocating, expanding or establishing shrub and flower beds. The machines can also be used to remove damaged turf, allowing new sod to be installed instantly.

Bobcat launches Ryan Turf Equipment into EMEA market, enters new segment for turf care products

Company extends ground maintenance equipment range, now available from the Bobcat network of authorised dealers in the Middle East and Africa

Built Around the Operator:

Like the successful Bobcat R-series 2-4 tonne machines launched in 2018, the new R2-Series mini-excavators are built around the operator and are designed to take this philosophy a big stage further.

This makes operators feel even more at home when working with these machines. Both excavators offer a best-in-class roomy cab with space where the operator really needs it, with more headroom, legroom and plenty of storage areas. A comfortable seat that can be optionally heated and fitted with a headrest ensures operators will enjoy working a full day in both of these new machines. The new 5-inch optional display panel takes comfort and visibility to the next level.

The new R2-Series mini-excavators are equipped with state-of-the-art technology such as a latest generation main control valve, dual curve joysticks and proportional thumb-controlled boom swing offset. Traditional Bobcat performance coupled with great controllability ensures that the new excavators feel like an extension of the operators’ hands when they are in command of the controls.

To ensure that operators can work precisely and safely, the new excavators offer best-in-class panoramic visibility from the cab, with solid but narrow pillars, ensuring the operator is fully aware of the working area around the machine. Features such as powerful demisting ensure that visibility remains uncompromised in all circumstances.

When it comes to versatility, up to three arm-mounted hydraulic auxiliary lines plus a case drain line enable a wide choice of machine customisation options to match any attachment requirement, further enhancing the role of these excavators as excellent tool carriers.

The new R2-Series machines are designed to achieve superior 360-degree stability in any situation, even when digging over the side or when handling heavy loads. An improved counterweight design and dual flange rollers guarantee superb over the side stability and provide operators with even more confidence in any situation. 

Heavy-duty steel side channels and a counterweight acting as a bumper help to protect essential inner components and all other critical components, such as lights and hoses, have additional protection.

Bobcat launches new R2-Series mini-excavators in the Middle East

New 5-6t machines offer Zero House Swing feature, high-power Kubota engines, and cabins with enhanced ease and comfort for operators

Scott Park, president and CEO of Doosan Bobcat, explained:  “Doosan Bobcat is at the forefront of innovation, and we are proud to debut the all-electric technology of the T7X to help customers maximise both sustainability and productivity. Our focus remains on providing solutions and products that empower people to accomplish more and build a better world.”

To speed the pace of research and development for electronic control capabilities of the T7X, Doosan Bobcat collaborated with Moog Inc., a global developer of motion control components and systems for industries ranging from aerospace and defense to construction.

John Scannell, chairman and CEO of Moog, added: “Like Doosan Bobcat, we believe that electrification, automation and connectivity go hand-in-hand. We are proud to collaborate with Doosan Bobcat and bring our comprehensive set of electrification capabilities, including hardware and intelligent software, to the world’s first all-electric loader. The T7X is an exciting step forward for the construction industry.”

Earlier, the CES organisers recognised the importance of the T7X by awarding it the 2022 CES Innovation Awards in two categories - Vehicle Intelligence & Transportation and Smart Cities. The awards recognise recipients in various consumer technology product categories and distinguishes the highest rated in each. Products are reviewed and scored by a panel of designers, engineers and members of the tech media based on design, functionality, consumer appeal, engineering and their positive impact on the world.

Doosan Bobcat had earlier announced a strategic partnership with South Carolina-based Sunbelt Rentals, one of the largest rental equipment companies in North America. Through the partnership, Sunbelt Rentals committed to a significant investment in a large fleet of Bobcat T7X all-electric compact track loaders and electric compact excavators, which will be co-branded and made available in 2022 and beyond.

"By making an investment in this first-of-its-kind, all-electric technology, we support our ESG objectives of empowering our customers and communities with the availability of alternative rental solutions that reduce emissions and noise," said Brendan Horgan, Sunbelt Rentals CEO.

Bobcat makes electric history - unveils all-electric compact tracked loader at CES 2022

Fully eliminating all hydraulics and components, and capable of providing 62kW of power from its lithium-ion batteries for a full day’s work, new Bobcat T7X wins two CES Innovation Awards and finds first major rental fleet customer

Bobcat said that in its continuation of expanding into new product categories to strengthen its position in the compact equipment industry, it will be entering the Grounds Maintenance market in 2023 with a new product range to complement its current portfolio. 

At Galabau, Bobcat will give a preview of its new mowers, part of the range that also includes new compact tractors and turf equipment, alongside the company’s mini track loaders, small articulated loaders and related attachments.
Visitors will be able to see other products from the Bobcat range that encompasses skid-steer and compact track loaders, mini-excavators, telehandlers, compact wheel loaders and light compaction products.

Bobcat to launch new MT100 Loader at Galabau 2022 Fair

Company to also provide previews of its mower products, part of a new Grounds Maintenance Equipment range to be launched in 2023

The RS 300 offers even more adjustment options, revealed Bomag. The camber can always be corrected perfectly using the hydraulic upper link; independently height-adjustable side plates including skids allow free adjustment of the milling depth up to a maximum of 50cm. Power is transmitted to the rotor via the PTO shaft, gearbox and, in the case of the RS 250, a strong chain drive in oil bath on both sides. On the RS 300, two four-part power belts are used instead.

According to Bomag, the mixing chamber has a robust design and the hood is made entirely of wear-resistant steel with a Brinell hardness of 400. A hydraulically adjustable rear gate ensures optimal crushing and mixing quality.

On the RS 300, the large rotor with a diameter of just under 1.5m is equipped with extra-large cutting tools with a shaft diameter of 25mm that cut efficiently and powerfully into cohesive soils. Thanks to the special geometry and arrangement of the double cutting tools, a shovel effect is created that ensures optimum processing and mixing of cohesive soils. Highly cohesive soils are first cut up with the shovel edge and then well mixed. This also pays off in minimal fuel consumption at low speeds. The durable RS 300 cutting tools cover a wide range of applications. The tried-and-tested quick change double-tool holder system from Bomag has a screwed base which makes replacing and repairing quick and easy.

The RS 250 relies on the proven and extremely narrow BMS15L exchange holder system, said Bomag, using high-quality carbide cutting tools with a shaft diameter of 22mm. The smaller planer can be optionally equipped with different cutters: the BRT 04 is recommended for cohesive soils; the BRT 02 is suitable for gravel and sandy soils and, using the tractor-towed stabiliser, the BRT 01 even mills into asphalt.

To hydrate the cement optimally, the RS 250 and RS 300 can be equipped with optional water injection directly into the mixing chamber. The water is distributed evenly over the entire milling width at a maximum flow rate of 500 litres per minute.

Bomag introduces tractor towed stabilisers

New RS 250 and RS 300 offer efficient soil stabilisation for road and path construction with 2.5m working width and milling depths of 40-50cam, pulled and powered by 200-450hp tractors

Jacobsmeyer added: “We’ve put this machine through hell and back — pound for pound, there’s no machine like it that delivers the dozing power and precision, as well as the dynamic loading performance. This ground-breaking, all-new machine demonstrates Case’s commitment to delivering real-world innovation rooted in customer need.”

The Minotaur DL550 is built on a dozer-style undercarriage and pushes with more than 11t of drawbar pull. The machine is available with three different track options to meet operator preference and jobsite profiles: 14-inch single-grouser steel tracks; 18-inch triple-grouser steel tracks; and 17.7-inch rubber tracks.

The 90- or 96-inch six-way blade connected to the integrated C-frame is the same blade featured on the Case 650M dozer and gives the operator a full range of dozer controls and movements. The machine’s electro-hydraulic controls also deliver responsiveness like full-sized Case dozers, with the ability to adjust blade, steering and shuttle sensitivity to smooth, moderate or aggressive to meet the operator’s preference. Blade responsiveness can be further dialled in to operator preference by independently setting the speed of the blade tilt, lift and angle.

In its loader configuration, the Minotaur DL550 features a 2.5t rated operating capacity (50% of tipping load) with 5.8t of breakout force. It features a vertical lift pattern and operates in the ISO control pattern. It also features advanced electro-hydraulic control capabilities where operators can easily dial in total machine responsiveness to low, moderate or aggressive; or independently set tilt, lift and drive speed, as well as loader arm and drive control to best meet the demands of the work.

Case added that it builds the machine standard from the factory with enhanced high-flow auxiliary hydraulics for running the most demanding and high-powered attachments — such as mulching heads and cold planers. Minotaur’s enhanced high-flow hydraulics can deliver up to 41.6 GPM at 4,100 psi via the ¾-inch hydraulic quick couplers.

The new model also comes with the CASE SiteConnect Module, which improves the volume, flow and integration of data to the Case SiteWatch telematics platform for real-time monitoring and management of maintenance and service intervals, as well as the analysis of equipment utilization and performance.
Making maintenance easier, the Case Minotaur DL550 has groundline access to grouped service points and checks like every machine in the Case line-up. Service intervals and machine operating information are easily accessed in the machine’s eight-inch LCD display in the cab.

Case introduces first-of-its-kind Compact Dozer Loader - the Minotaur DL550

North American model features innovative chassis-integrated C-frame and six-way blade for true dozer performance in a compact tracked loader guise

According to Cat, the attachment’s direct drive motor offers “high torque, production and performance to help operators get the job done faster”. With less space between the drums, operators can build narrower trenches while also burning less fuel, said Cat. 

When it comes to maintenance, rotary cutter picks are easily replaced with a simple tool and can be switched out quickly. Maintenance panels also offer quick and easy access and mechanical seals help to lock in grease and keep dust out to go longer between servicing. Rotary cutters break up material more to help put less wear and tear on buckets, said Cat.

The rotary cutters also fall within Cat’s telematics systems and attachments with asset tracking can be viewed within Cat VisionLink alongside the brand’s Product Link subscribed equipment, enabling operators to track their entire fleet of attachments and machines from one source. Attachments with an asset tracker send an alert if they leave an easy-to-setup site boundary to help keep tools more secure, explained Cat.

Cat introduces rotary cutters for precision controlled breaking in trenching, tunnelling and demolition applications

New RC20 and RC30 models offer high torque with low noise and are compatible with Cat VisionLink tracking solution

The 651 shares the same large cab as the 657 with easy ingress/egress and operator comfort has been enhanced with relocation of the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system to below the cab, while repositioning the steering column and pedal help to improve visibility. The new comfort seat rotates up to 30 degrees to the right for loading and offers an additional 51mm of fore/aft movement to reduce operating fatigue. The seat’s adjustable armrest aligns with the implement control level with T-handle design for more comfortable operation.  

The scraper’s new high-pressure steering system requires significantly less steering effort, reducing fatigue and improving productivity further into the work cycle. Improvements to the hydraulics include an electrohydraulic implement system for improved multifunction capability and a short throw for the T-handle implement control. Offering a smoother ride, Cat advanced ride management eliminates end-stroke events of the seat suspension cylinder.

Three camera locations for the optional Work Area Vision System (WAVS) show the cutting edge, right side and rear of the machine on a 7-inch in-cab colour display to improve visibility and jobsite safety. Available sequence assist reduces up to 14 individual operator commands per cycle with a single button for improved cycle consistency, less repetitive motions for the operator and reduced fatigue.

Auto-stall, new for the 651, assists in warming up the transmission oil faster when working in colder ambient temperatures, so the machine is quickly ready for work. Configured with sequence assist, the new payload estimator option uses bowl lift cylinder pressure to accurately calculate machine payload to within +/- 5% of actual scaled weight, optimizing payload and jobsite efficiency. Using the bowl lift cylinder, the reliable payload estimator system requires no recalibration or operator interface.

The scraper’s new ground speed control allows the operator to set the desired top speed, and the machine will find the gear that works best for the engine and transmission to lower engine load factor and fuel burn compared to top gear selection. When operating on a decline, the 651 detects a machine overspeed situation and automatically engages the compression brakes with no operator input. Hydraulic wet disc brakes replace air actuated brakes from the previous model to improve performance and serviceability.

Cat’s standard Product Link on the 651 collects critical machine operating data, including payload, that can be viewed online, connecting the office with the jobsite. VisionLink offers access to this information anytime, anywhere to help companies make informed decisions to boost productivity, lower costs, simplify maintenance and improve safety.


Engine (tractor)	                                              Cat® C18
Net power, kW (hp)	                                      436 (585)
Heaped capacity, m3 (yd3)	                              33.6 (44)
Rated load, kg (lb)	                                              47 200 (104,000)
Weight loaded, kg (lb)	                                      112 945 (249,000)
Top speed loaded, km/h (mph)	                      56.1 (34.8)

Caterpillar relaunches 651 wheel tractor scraper with productivity improvements and upgrades

New Advanced Productivity Electronic Control System allows faster cycle times while better operator environment contributes to greater efficiency

Caterpillar has enabled 13 customers at 23 different locations to succeed with full site autonomous haulage solutions. Starting with iron ore at Solomon and Jimblebar, Cat’s solutions now manage oil sands, copper, gold, coal, lithium and phosphate, said the company. 

Spanning the 190- to 370t class sizes, the Cat 789D, 793D, 793F, 797F, and electric drive 794 AC and 798 AC mining trucks are capable of fully autonomous operation. Retrofit kits allow miners to expand Command for hauling to existing Cat mining trucks. Since 2019, Caterpillar has won eight of nine greenfield autonomy sites. 

Sean McGinnis, vice president and general manager for Cat Mining, said: “In 2023, we will expand Command for hauling to the 139t truck class at ioneer Ltd’s Rhyolite Ridge lithium-boron mine. This is the first greenfield project in North America to use an AHS. We are now seeing a shift toward autonomy requested on new Cat trucks. Whereas large mines with fleet sizes of more than 70 trucks were the early adopters of the technology, we are seeing economic viability for autonomy at smaller mines with a fleet of less than 15 trucks.”

Caterpillar said it continuously monitors the industry for opportunities to broaden the use of automation to help drive safety and efficiency. Beyond expansion of Command for hauling to the Cat 785 for ioneer, Caterpillar sees potential for Cat autonomy in quarry and aggregates. Additionally, Caterpillar’s AHS technology has been deployed on the Cat 789D autonomous water truck (AWT) operating at Rio Tinto’s Gudai-Darri mine in Australia, the world’s first AWT, for automated watering of haul roads.

Caterpillar surpasses 5-billion-tonne milestone of material hauled autonomously

Cat dump trucks achieve a mining industry first for autonomous haulage, achieved in less than 10 years

“This is why the work lights in the NightViu series feature an efficient reflector lens design with six powerful LEDs and four cover lenses. With approximately 100 lumens per watt, these LED lights have an enhanced light efficiency level compared to other LEDs for construction machinery – so sensitive vehicle electronics are protected, and short circuits caused by excessive power consumption are prevented.” 

Luminous flux options range from 1500 and 2500 to 3500 lumens. The light beams cover a wide variety of lighting scenarios for the work area around the vehicle, from close-range to far-field illumination. 

According to Continental, these beams have different lighting patterns, ranging from highly focused spotlight illumination to floodlighting and from a wide to an extremely wide illumination field. 

“In Ultra-Wide mode, we still achieve a light intensity of one lux at a distance of 90m, and that’s absolutely unique,” said Chris Kosmala, who is responsible for lighting system development at Continental. Overall, this increases the brightness in the corners and sides or at the end of the illuminated area away from the spotlights.

Continental said it has also designed a unique housing concept that enables the three different luminous flux options and the four different light patterns to be freely combined without needing more than one housing design. 

“In this way, the complexity of the NightViu series is kept in check, but we can still meet every conceivable requirement of our customers,” said Kosmala. 

The modular approach also allows different light cones to be combined. This reduces the number of lights required but still ensures a highly uniform illumination and the avoidance of shadows. The aluminum housings are designed for hard off-highway use and are protected against water and dust in compliance with the IP6K8 standard. 

The lights also withstand temperatures between -40 and +90 degrees Celsius and pass vibration tests of up to 12g RMS. The products undergo stringent tests such as water and temperature resistance in Continental’s certified quality laboratory. The lights’ flexible installation system for standard or heavy-duty mounting also enables retrofitting in many different positions on construction vehicles.

Continental to brighten up construction job-sites with new NightViu lighting

Company’s premium work lights for the off-highway and construction sectors offer more lumens with the same power consumption as conventional lights

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