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80 units of Sany machinery help build World Cup stadiums in Qatar

Staff Report,

14 Sept 2022

Chinese manufacturer says its machines, comprising a mix of cranes, excavators, concrete pumps and mixers, and drill rigs and stackers, delighted contractor and came away with flying colours

Over 80 units of Sany heavy equipment were involved in the building and renovation of eight top-notch stadiums for the FIFA World Cup to be held in Qatar this year, with total investment surpassing $5bn.

The Chinese equipment giant said the list of its equipment used on the stadium projects included 15 mobile cranes, five 220t and 600t all-terrain cranes, 30 medium and large excavators, five pump trucks, 20 truck mixers, three drilling rigs and two reach stackers.

Sany added that its equipment faced the challenges of the job-sites and came out with flying colours. “All construction machinery involved had to stand the test of sandstorms and extreme local temperatures of up to 50° Celsius in the summer and still 35°C in cooler seasons,” Sany said.

The manufacturer added that its machines achieved 100 per cent availability throughout a tight schedule. “Cranes with superb precision performed expertly in hoisting a large number of steel and glass structures, while pump trucks, backed by truck mixers, worked 50 hours continuously with no delays. A Sany excavator, equipped with crusher and cutter attachments, managed to handle the local high-strength rock,” explained the company.

It added that the contractor’s equipment manager was satisfied with the quality of Sany’s SY215C and SY335C excavators, quoting the contractor as saying: “These two models are reliable at 50℃ with high crushing efficiency, low fuel consumption and a near-zero fault rate. On-site support throughout the project and robust after-sales service will also contribute to our decision to use Sany excavators in our future projects in Saudi Arabia.”


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