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Continental to brighten up construction job-sites with new NightViu lighting

Staff Report,

28 Jun 2022

Company’s premium work lights for the off-highway and construction sectors offer more lumens with the same power consumption as conventional lights

Continental is developing a new series of lighting and illumination products for applications in the commercial vehicles, off-highway and construction machinery sector, aiming to offer much better visibility in the work area, and improving safety and efficiency on construction job-sites.

The automotive technology giant said in a statement that the new NightViu lighting series is a product range that will offer “perfectly uniform illumination at automotive level”.

The NightViu Premium work lights will be available in the second half of 2022. They will also be supplemented in the following months by more usage options in the commercial vehicle sector, such as driving lights.

According to Continental, the “unique modular housing concept” of the NightVu lighting series has a minimum level of component complexity and offers users “more than enough flexibility to cover a wide range of lighting requirements”. The new system also has a high lighting efficiency when compared to many systems previously available on the market, the German giant claims.

Georg Kliewer, head of Special Vehicles in Continental’s Automotive Aftermarket business segment, said: “Looking at the construction sector in its entirety and contributing to greater safety on the construction site with our solutions is an important goal for Continental. That’s why we’re delighted that our NightViu work lights significantly improve visibility in poorly lit, construction site scenarios.”

Continental said that “enormous deadline pressure means that work must continue day and night at many large construction sites all over the world”, which makes it important that the working environment is optimally illuminated, even at dusk or at night, enabling hazardous situations to be correctly assessed and minimised.

“Thanks to NightViu work lights, machine operators will have an excellent view in any situation, so they cannot overlook obstacles or colleagues due to poor lighting. The complex environmental conditions in the construction industry also place high demands on mechanical and electrical components, so work lights must be highly efficient, high-quality and robust,” said Continental’s statement.

“This is why the work lights in the NightViu series feature an efficient reflector lens design with six powerful LEDs and four cover lenses. With approximately 100 lumens per watt, these LED lights have an enhanced light efficiency level compared to other LEDs for construction machinery – so sensitive vehicle electronics are protected, and short circuits caused by excessive power consumption are prevented.”

Luminous flux options range from 1500 and 2500 to 3500 lumens. The light beams cover a wide variety of lighting scenarios for the work area around the vehicle, from close-range to far-field illumination.

According to Continental, these beams have different lighting patterns, ranging from highly focused spotlight illumination to floodlighting and from a wide to an extremely wide illumination field.

“In Ultra-Wide mode, we still achieve a light intensity of one lux at a distance of 90m, and that’s absolutely unique,” said Chris Kosmala, who is responsible for lighting system development at Continental. Overall, this increases the brightness in the corners and sides or at the end of the illuminated area away from the spotlights.

Continental said it has also designed a unique housing concept that enables the three different luminous flux options and the four different light patterns to be freely combined without needing more than one housing design.

“In this way, the complexity of the NightViu series is kept in check, but we can still meet every conceivable requirement of our customers,” said Kosmala.

The modular approach also allows different light cones to be combined. This reduces the number of lights required but still ensures a highly uniform illumination and the avoidance of shadows. The aluminum housings are designed for hard off-highway use and are protected against water and dust in compliance with the IP6K8 standard.

The lights also withstand temperatures between -40 and +90 degrees Celsius and pass vibration tests of up to 12g RMS. The products undergo stringent tests such as water and temperature resistance in Continental’s certified quality laboratory. The lights’ flexible installation system for standard or heavy-duty mounting also enables retrofitting in many different positions on construction vehicles.


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