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Tadano takes major step in zero-emission lifting – launches world’s first fully electric rough terrain crane in Japan

Staff Report,

8 Dec 2023

New zero-emission, battery-powered EVOLT eGR-250N for Japanese market offers 25-tonne lift capacity and lifting height of 44.2m. providing up to 11 hours of lifting on a full charge

Global crane heavyweight Tadano is taking a major step towards reducing carbon emission and embracing sustainable practices with the launch of the Tadano EVOLT eGR-250N, the world’s first fully electrified rough terrain crane, with a maximum lifting capacity of 25 tonnes.

The Japanese giant said in a statement that the new launch is set to revolutionise the construction equipment industry, with the new 250N a pivotal addition to Tadano's climate commitment. Scheduled to be released today (December 8) exclusively in the Japanese market initially, the EVOLT eGR-250N is the culmination of the crane maker’s dedication to environmental responsibility and the realisation of its Green Solutions strategy.

Tadano added that it aims to reduce CO2 emissions from its machines by 35% by 2030, ultimately striving for complete climate neutrality by 2050. The EVOLT series represents the company’s electrified product line-up, symbolising the evolution of construction equipment towards a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future.

Tadano’s statement added that the EVOLT eGR-250N breaks new ground as the world's first fully electric rough terrain crane put into practical use. It seamlessly executes all crane and travel operations using a battery as the power source, setting a new standard for eco-friendly construction equipment in the Japanese market.

According to Tadano, the EVOLT eGR-250N maintains the exceptional lifting and running performance of the conventional GR series, tailored for the specific needs of the Japanese construction industry. With a maximum lifting capacity of 25 tonnes, a working radius of 34m, ground lifting height of 44.2m, and a maximum speed of 49km/h, operators can expect the same performance as the diesel engine model, ensuring a smooth transition to electrified machinery without compromising functionality, said the company in its statement.

In addition to environmental benefits, the EVOLT eGR-250N introduces a significant reduction in noise levels during travel and crane work, providing added value for use in noise-sensitive construction sites.

Equipped with two high-output motors boasting a maximum output of 97kW (132PS) and a maximum torque of 2500Nm (255kgfm), the EVOLT eGR-250N delivers improved acceleration performance and smooth running. This design minimises shock during gear changes, significantly reducing operator stress and ensuring a more comfortable and efficient work experience.

Tadano said the heart of the EVOLT eGR-250N lies in its efficient lithium-ion battery with a total capacity of 226kWh. A full charge enables an average day of crane work and driving as per the Japanese construction landscape, offering versatility and productivity on job-sites. The lithium-ion technology not only provides a reliable power source but also aligns with Tadano's commitment to sustainability by significantly reducing the carbon footprint associated with traditional diesel-powered cranes, said the company.

With an eye on convenience and efficiency, the EVOLT eGR-250N adopts CHAdeMO for quick charging and AC200V three-phase commercial power connection for normal charging. This allows crane work to be seamlessly performed while plugged in at the site, ensuring continuous operation without unnecessary downtime. Quick charging takes approximately 2.5 hours, while normal charging requires approximately eight hours.

The EVOLT eGR-250N offers impressive battery autonomy, with crane work lasting approximately five hours and traveling approximately 42km on a full charge. For crane work only, the autonomy extends to approximately 11 hours, and for driving only, approximately 70km.

Enhancing safety and efficiency, the EVOLT eGR-250N offers the optional LIFT VISUALIZER. This feature utilises a suspended load monitoring camera, allowing operators to monitor suspended loads directly from above. Particularly useful in blind spots such as rooftop work, the LIFT VISUALIZER, in conjunction with the AML control system, displays crucial information on work status, load moment, 100% stop position and more on the monitor, improving overall work safety and efficiency.


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