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HD Hyundai Infracore expands ‘DEVELONCARE’ global customer outreach programme

Staff Report,

14 Dec 2023

Step aims to enhance DEVELON brand affinity, with equipment experts from the company travelling to see customers in person to diagnose their equipment and assist in maintenance

HD Hyundai Infracore has announced the expansion of its 'DEVELONCARE' global customer visit management programme, under which equipment experts from the company travel to see customers in person to diagnose their equipment and to assist them in maintaining it in optimal condition.

The move builds on the growing affinity for the company’s DEVELON brand, said HD Hyundai Infracore in the announcement. The company also intends to enhance support for the DEVELON brand by focusing on managing specific customer groups, such as ‘those using the company's construction equipment for over 10,000 hours’, and ‘equipment customers in Neom City in Saudi Arabia’.

Under the DEVELONCARE programme, when a problem is discovered, HD Hyundai Infracore forms a team bringing in other experts in the field, including research & development and quality, to offer comprehensive solutions and focus on providing premium services that prioritise customer satisfaction.

HD Hyundai Infracore has promoted DEVELONCARE activities in Korea and several other countries, including an inspection tour of China, from February to May 2023. This was to immediately respond to customer requests following the launch of new machinery models earlier this year and to support the introduction of the new DEVELON brand.

As of September, the global DEVELONCARE team had visited major work sites in 21 countries, including Vietnam and South Africa. The company plans to expand services in Brazil and Indonesia in the fourth quarter next year to provide an increased focus on customer support by the end of the year.


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