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Continental’s ‘Make Power Smart’ app saves time and costs on belt maintenance

Staff Report,

30 Aug 2022

Smartphone app allows users to troubleshoot drive belts on their own without having to call in technicians or interrupt production

Continental is extending its new belt maintenance app, ‘Make Power Smart’, to markets outside of North America after successfully running it in the market since summer 2021. The new app, available on both Android and iOS platforms, “represents a new way of working with belts”, according to the German automotive technology and tyre giant, and provides “simple and comfortable maintenance at the touch of a finger”.

With customer feedback consistently positive in the North American market, Continental said it is now launching the free app in other markets, starting with Europe.

“The app is another important step into the digital age to help our customers do their work more easily and efficiently,” said Mariano Alvaro, who is leading the development of ‘Make Power Smart’.

“'Make Power Smart' is a versatile on-site 'first aid' tool. With just a few clicks, the user gets a digital and interactive analysis of the belt, as well as important data on its condition. The benefits: ease of use, less downtime, longer belt life and lower costs.”

Continental said that the ‘Make Power Smart’ app digitises the information and most common tools used to analyse and set up a belt drive. This enables users to improve the belt drives themselves on site. Those responsible for machines and systems with belt drives, sales professionals or application consultants can thus find the most important tools bundled in an app on their mobile device. The app provides advice and empowers the respective person to act accordingly.

The company added that the ‘Make Power Smart’ app consists of various modules with special functions: Gathering information on the spot; identifying and selecting the best belt according to the requirements; measuring drive geometry such as centre distance, pulley diameter and wrap angle; checking drive alignment; calculating drive systems; and checking and setting the correct tension, which is analysed by the smartphone's built-in microphone.

“This allows Continental's customers to make adjustments on their own in no time, instead of having to hire an external team for troubleshooting,” said Continental.

“Our app offers important maintenance functions that our customers can access at the touch of a finger. 'Make Power Smart' is designed not only to save costs while extending the life of belt systems, but also to improve their operation,” Alvaro explained.

“This app represents a revolution because it allows our customers to troubleshoot their drive belts on their own without having to call the technician directly or interrupt the production process.”
The app was conceived as part of Continental's internal innovation competition and was later chosen as the winner.


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