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Sany pump sets new world record – delivers concrete to 380m

Staff Report,

12 Jan 2022

Chinese manufacturer’s trailer pump claims the record for pumping height, delivering C130 slurry to top of Guiyang supertall build

A Sany concrete pump has claimed the world record for height in concrete pumping by delivering the slurry consisting of C130 manufactured sand to a height of 380 metres in the contruction of a supertall skyscraper in Guiyang, China.

According to Sany, the ultra-high-pressure trailer pump successfully reached the record height in December while pumping the difficult-to-pump C130 manufactured sand slurry mix to the highest level that construction had reached at the job-site.

Sany added in its press statement that C130 manufactured sand is the strongest concrete in the world, with a compressive strength of 149.6MPa, which far exceeds that of granite. “To put it in simpler terms, each square meter of a concrete member needs to bear 15,000t, a total weight of 3,000 adult African elephants,” said Sany.

“As supertall skyscrapers, long-span buildings and specially shaped architecture are becoming increasingly popular, improvements need to be made in the strength, durability and reliability of concrete material, which necessitates the application of C130.”

However, the pumpability of concrete declines as its strength increases, which means that C130 is much harder to pump compared to ordinary material, said the Chinese manufacturer, adding that it constantly pushes the limits with “ever-evolving technologies and products” in its commitment to “changing the world”.


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