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Kohler launches new KSD Series engines

Staff Report,

24 Nov 2021

Small displacement engine family built with compatibility with global compliance norms in mind

Kohler launches new KSD Series engines

Kohler Engines has introduced its latest investment, the KSD Series – also known as Kohler Small Displacement – a new engine family that represents the hard work of its global team. The product has been conceived and designed with a global approach suitable for all regions, compliant with all standards worldwide and compatible with all kinds of machines.

KSD engines can be easily integrated with the more complex electronic systems of ever evolving machines, allow customised settings for any duty cycle and the ability to exchange data with few physical connections. They are also versatile and can be integrated without modifing or redeveloping the machine.

The KSD Series is currently made of three engine models, with others to come in the next few years: KSD 1403NA (naturally aspirated), KSD 1403TC (turbocharged), KSD 1403TCA (turbocharged with aftercooler). The performance includes high low-end torque: 95 Nm @ 1000 rpm, peak torque at low speed: 20 Nm @ 1400 rpm and peak power: 18.4 W @ 1800 rpm.


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