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Hitachi Construction Machinery completes 10 years in Middle East

Staff Report,

12 Dec 2021

Sustainable machinery and technological advances the focus in the wider MENA, Turkey and Pakistan region going forward, company says

Hitachi Construction Machinery completes 10 years in Middle East

Hitachi Construction Machinery Middle East is marking its 10th anniversary this year as it completes a decade in the business region comprising the Middle East, Africa, Turkey and Pakistan, where it has been active since 2011.

Reflecting on the milestone, Manabu Arami, president, Hitachi Construction Machinery Middle East Corp. FZE (HMEC), said the journey of the company in the region coincides with the emergence of regional countries such as the UAE on the world stage.

“The UAE has succeeded in launching the Mars probe ‘HOPE’ with the cooperation of the Japanese public and private sectors, and is also very enthusiastically holding the Dubai Expo, actively investing in e-commerce utilisation, social infrastructure development and realising a sustainable society as a regional hub,” Arami said.

The region’s growth has enabled HMEC to have a strong presence in the MENA markets, he added, with the company supplying mini, medium and large crawler excavators, wheeled excavators, ultra-large excavators and rigid dump trucks for mining, wheeled loaders and crawler cranes through its Dubai and Istanbul offices.

HMEC’s parent company, Hitachi Construction Machinery Group (HCM), also celebrated its 70th anniversary last year, and “as a mission, are working hard globally to solve customer issues to improve safety, improve productivity, and reduce life cycle costs”, Arami added.

HCM also proposes optimal solutions for climate change risk and decarbonisation, such as electric construction machinery and trolley-powered dump trucks in mines.

“The HCM Mining division formed a Zero-emission market development project and established joint arrangements with ABB and other organisations with the objective of reducing emissions significantly by 2030 and to net zero in 2050,” said Arami.

He explained that HCM’s acquisition of Wenco, a leading Canadian technology company, in 2009 provides one of the easiest fleet management systems to control cost of production at mine sites and optimise productivity. It is open to autonomy and enhances mining safety with developments like Smart Cap. ConSite, a machine management monitor system, is also among HCM’s strengths, as its after sales support.

“Many of our customers are companies in essential businesses such as construction, quarries, mining and offshore projects… familiar with Hitachi branded products with high added value, our experienced staff and high-quality dealers to create a sustainable society where the UAE can develop even after 100 years. We are committed to providing reliable solutions as a reliable partner. We are at your service,” said Arami.


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