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Abu Dhabi launches new real estate digital ecosystem

Staff Report,

13 Feb 2022

Services in the emirate’s real estate sector, such as buying, selling, leasing transactions, 'Tawtheeq' documentation to be available on new “Dari’ platform along with access to relevant real estate certificates

Abu Dhabi launches new real estate digital ecosystem

Abu Dhabi's Department of Municipalities and Transport (DMT) has launched a new real estate digital ecosystem (Dari), which brings the emirate's real estate services into a unified platform to provide integrated, comprehensive and advanced services.

Developed in collaboration between the DMT and the Advanced Real Estate Services Company, (ADRES), Dari aims to allow users to benefit from a smooth and flexible experience to manage their various real estate transactions, thereby enhancing the attractiveness of real estate investment, said the DMT in a statement.

“The platform provides users with an integrated interface that enables them to access a set of services and allows national and international investors to explore future opportunities within the real estate market in Abu Dhabi,” the statement added.

Clients, organisations, and real estate professionals can use the Dari platform to access all existing services such as real estate buying, selling and leasing transactions, 'Tawtheeq' documentation, and also access relevant real estate certificates. In addition, Dari also provides a directory of registered real estate projects and a guide for Abu Dhabi's authorised real estate brokers.

According to the Abu Dhabi DMT, it will contribute to the development of quality real estate services in Abu Dhabi with its “commitment to transparency in providing data to investors and also meet the DMT's objectives of promoting collaboration between the private and public sectors and developing smart cities.

The agreement was signed by Dr. Adeeb Al Afeefi, executive director of the Real Estate Sector at DMT, and Moath Maqbol, general manager of ADRES, to “lay the groundwork for creating new opportunities to promote innovation and digital transformation of services in the real estate sector”.

Abdulla Al Sahi, undersecretary of the DMT, said the agreement is an essential step towards realising future sustainable cities in Abu Dhabi that thrive on innovative practices.

“Unifying efforts and collaborating with the private sector to further improve the services of the real estate sector is a primary objective of the department's mission, and it is crucial to develop an integrated real estate system," Al Sahi said.

Users will have access to broader services in the second quarter of this year, such as property market indicators, including market sales and mortgages values, off-plan sales transactions and communication with property brokers.

“As well as providing information about future investment opportunities in Abu Dhabi's real estate market, the platform will also offer a list of buy, sell, and mortgage transactions, thus positioning it as a one-stop shop for all real estate needs,” Al Sahi added.

Dr. Afifi pointed out that the new platform would have a significant impact on the sustainable growth of the real estate sector in the short and long term.

“Dari will also provide solutions to the real estate sector's requirements in terms of market indexes, informs customers of the latest developments in real estate listings, and provides a guide for licensed professionals to work in the real estate market,” he added.

Maqbool said: “This strategic partnership is a qualitative leap that contributes to the development of operations within the real estate sector to achieve the goals of reengineering existing services, upgrading solutions, facilitating the completion of transactions for existing investors and attracting new ones.”

The Dari platform is expected to begin full operations later this year, giving access to customers and other stakeholders in order to provide a smooth experience in line with the most recent digital standards and user-centric methodology.


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