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Seven Raimondi tower cranes build student complex at Sharjah’s Aljada megaproject

Staff Report,

25 Dec 2021

Five MRT294 and two ER240 units deployed by Italian tower crane specialist to build Arada’s premier ‘Nest’ student accommodation

Seven Raimondi tower cranes are at work building the Middle East’s premier student accommodation complex in Sharjah at the Aljada megaproject being built by developer Arada.

The tower crane models deployed by Raimondi Middle East for the construction of Nest, an integrated student complex in the megaproject, include five units of the MRT294 and two of the ER240. Nest is part of the Aljada, one of the largest and most complex jobsites in the region, with a number of different residential, retail, hospitality, entertainment, commercial, education and healthcare components, developed by Arada.

Wael Hasan, commercial director, Raimondi Middle East, said: “Our relationship with Arada continues to grow with this latest machine rental. We are pleased to supply Arada with five Raimondi MRT294 flattop tower cranes and two ER240 hammerheads - all with good lifting capabilities that more than meet the needs of the build onsite at Aljada.”

Scheduled for completion by the end of 2022, Nest is the UAE’s premier integrated student housing complex, consisting of 12 five-storey apartment blocks over a 388,000sqft area. Located within the Aljada masterplan, Nest is just a short walk from the University City of Sharjah, one of the largest education hubs in the region. Nest’s list of facilities includes an art studio, a music hall, a library, a running track that surrounds the complex, an amphitheatre and a central dining hall, as well as swimming pools, gyms and study areas.

Erected earlier in the year, the 16t-capacity Raimondi MRT294 units are all freestanding at heights ranging from 37m to 53.1m with jib lengths ranging between 46m and 50m. Hassan added: “The MRT294 flattop remains one of the bestselling models in the region due to its maximum lifting capacity of 16t and its durability in challenging climate conditions of extreme heat.”

The two ER240 hammerhead cranes, chosen for the model’s 14t maximum lifting capacity, are both at work with 50m jib and height under the hook (HUH) of 35.4m and 37m respectively.

“Due to the number of cranes involved in the project, Raimondi Middle East carefully studied the positioning and the erection procedures of each machine. In addition, to ensure excellent after sales service, our technical department continues to support Arada jobsites with regular maintenance and periodic checkups. We are delighted to play a key role in the construction of Sharjah’s new mega-city. Currently, we have 24 Raimondi tower cranes actively at work on Arada’s jobsites,” Hasan concluded.


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