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Sennebogen launches new 100t telescopic crawler crane

Staff Report,

6 Feb 2022

Company marks 30 years of telescopic crawlers with pathbreaking new model that offers 62m jib, remote controlled operation and self-assembly without the need for other cranes

Sennobogen is launching a new telescopic crawler crane with a load capacity of 100 tonnes and a maximum jib length of up to 62 metres, which is designed for demanding pick and carry applications.
A statement from the company said the new 6103 E model is intended to close the gap between the existing types and will be a solution for construction companies in structural and civil engineering and for crane rental companies .

“With the current product portfolio from 16t to 130t load capacity, Sennebogen already covers a wide range of work assignments in which telescopic crawler cranes in particular have many advantages when lifting, moving and positioning large loads. The newcomer to the product line is equipped with a 186kW diesel engine with emission level V, which also hydraulically drives the powerful caterpillar drive of the 100t machine as well as the main and auxiliary winches, each with 100kN tractive force, and allows cable speeds of 125m/min,” sad the statement from the German manufacturer.

Sennebogen added that the launch of the crane is also a celebration of the company’s 30 years of experience in the telescopic crawler crane segment, which has seen it successfully establish itself on the international market since 1992. “All over the world, customers from the construction industry and crane rental companies trust in the reliability of Sennebogen crawler cranes,” said the company.

The new 6103 E can also be customised to meet diverse requirements such as in civil engineering or hydraulic engineering with a working range limitation, safety and low-temperature package or even for operation with bio-oils.

The five-piece pin boom of the new 6103 E gives the driver a maximum length of 46.8m in the standard configuration. Optionally, the range can be optimised to up to 62m with a top boom and extension. The boom system thus enables comfortable working heights of up to 50m. Operation is simple and intuitive by moving the joystick, added Sennebogen.

The new 100t model is also built for work on rough terrains, like all Sennebogen telescopic crawler cranes, the statement said, adding that there is no need for time-consuming positioning or supporting the machine thanks to the robust, telescopic crawler undercarriage with a maximum track width of 4.20m.

“The crawler undercarriage is also safe and stable during crane operation. The particularly robust design of the entire machine, as well as that of the boom, is noticeable when working at an angle of up to four degrees and with high loads. Here, the 6103 E sets an important example in its performance class. As a pick and carry crane, the telescopic crawler crane can also be moved with up to 100% load on the hook and thus offers a wide range of possible uses, especially in the assembly of finished parts and components and on large construction sites,” added Sennebogen in its statement.

The operator gets a spacious Maxcab to make every-day work comfortable and safe. As standard, the crane has a cabin that can be tilted by 20 degrees. Optionally, the cabin can be hydraulically raised to 5.60m at eye level. Large window elements and the entry area with sliding door offer the operator an optimal workplace, said the manufacturer.

Optionally, the crane can also be operated from outside the cabin using radio remote control , which offers a plus in terms of precision and safety in many applications.

Transport costs and set-up times are reduced in the new model as the crane can be transported completely in one piece, with only the ballast dismantled to achieve a transport weight of around 61t and a width of 3.48m. The crane weighs less than 40t and is therefore even easier to transport on a low-loader if the running gear is dismantled beforehand, said Sennebigen.

The manufacturer added that the highlight: of the new model is that all assembly steps can be completed by the machine itself, making auxiliary cranes unnecessary thanks to the Sennebogen self-assembly system.


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