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New Cat 333 excavator offers more digging force, durability and low cost-per-hour operation

Staff Report

14 Feb 2022

Extended replacement intervals for fuel, oil and air filters eliminate the labour cost for nine oil and fuel filter changes and parts cost for 27 oil and fuel filters over 10,000 machine operating hours

Caterpillar has introduced a new excavator in the 32-tonne operating weight-class in the Middle East which offers an increased bucket size, up to 10% more bucket force and up to 15% more stick force than its predecessor model.

The new Cat 333 Hydraulic Excavator, which replaces the 330 in less regulated markets such as the Middle East, is built to maximise performance in tough applications, said Cat. In addition to its 15% more digging force, the new 333 also boasts wide track gauge and reinforced structures for increased stability and durability. The manufacturer added. The new machine also has extended maintenance intervals combined with a fuel-efficient hydraulic system and two engine power mode options to lower its cost-per-hour of operation.

According to Cat, the new 333 excavator delivers “reliable operation and increased productivity when working in challenging applications”. The machine’s reinforced linkage, sticks and booms help to deliver higher digging forces when excavating tough materials. Further increasing durability, the frame of the machine is reinforced to ensure a long service life while performing at a higher capacity.

The 333 is powered by the 260hp Cat 7.1 engine and features two engine operating modes – Power and Smart – to match the machine to job-site conditions. Power mode delivers maximum power to meet the most demanding tasks. Smart mode automatically matches engine and hydraulic power to digging conditions, offering up to 10% fuel savings.

Cat adds that combined with higher digging forces, the excavator’s large bucket capacity efficiently moves more material in fewer passes to improve productivity.

“The versatile 333 excavator offers auxiliary hydraulic options to power a wide range of Cat attachments, including buckets, grapples, hydraulic hammers, pulverisers, sheers, vibratory plate compactors and multi-processors,” said Cat’s statement, which added that the new 333 is also capable of performing in a wide range of ambient temperatures, from 50˚C heat to cold-starting at temperatures as low as -18˚C. It is also able to work at high-altitudes reaching to 4500m above sea level, allowing the flexible machine to work in a wide range of climates.

Two levels of fuel filtration offer enhanced engine protection from diesel contaminants. A double element air intake filter with integrated precleaner features high dust capacity. Lowering fuel consumption, a high-efficiency hydraulic fan cools the engine on demand and offers an optional reverse function to keep the cores clean.

Featuring a sloped design, the track frame prevents mud and debris accumulation to reduce the risk of track damage. Grease sealed between track pins and bushings reduces travel noise and prevents debris infiltration to increase undercarriage life.

Describing the new machine’s cab, Cat said the design protects the operator from the fatigue, stresses, sounds and temperatures of the rugged applications where the 333 excavator typically works. A push-to-start button or Operator ID function offers simple, keyless engine ignition. Using the unique Operator ID passcode, operators can program preferred power mode and joystick settings, and the excavator automatically recalls individual preferences based on the passcode.

“With all controls ergonomically positioned in front of the operator, the layout helps to reduce fatigue and straining movements. Large cab windows, along with a lower front, right, and rear machine profile, offer outstanding visibility of the work area without straining,” said Cat.

The excavator’s 8-inch high-resolution touchscreen monitor offers quick navigation through machine controls and provides easy access to the digital operator’s manual. At the touch of a button, operators can switch to the optional Cat Stick Steer for simple one-hand operation of travel and turning.

Offering a 50% longer life than previous filter designs, the hydraulic oil filter features improved filtration performance, anti-drain valves and a 3,000-hour replacement interval. Long-life fuel, oil and air filters combine with synchronised 1,000-hour oil and fuel filter service intervals to substantially reduce downtime. The extended intervals eliminate the labour cost for nine oil and fuel filter changes and parts cost for 27 oil and fuel filters over 10,000 machine operating hours compared to many competitive models in its class, said Cat. Operators can easily track filter life and maintenance intervals through the touchscreen monitor.

Daily maintenance checks are completed from ground level to minimise the need for accessing the upper platform. Consolidated filter locations help to expedite machine servicing. Cat’s Product Link telematics system automatically collects vital machine operating information like location, hours, fuel usage, idle time, maintenance alerts, diagnostic codes and machine health, which can be viewed online through web and mobile applications.


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