HSC launches 100t and 175t crawler cranes

Staff Report, January 10, 2022

New SCX1000HD-3 meets EU Stage ⅢA/ Tier 3 regulations and offers superior capabilities for foundation construction sites while SCX1800A-3 sibling offers higher capacity and energy efficient operations

Japanese crawler crane specialist HSC has announced the launch of two new models, adding the 175-tonne capacity SCX1800A-3 and the 100t capacity SCX1000HD-3 to its model line-up.

Sumitomo Heavy Industries Construction Cranes Co. Ltd. (HSC) said the new 175t model meets EU Stage V emission norms and follows in the footsteps of the company’s new releases of the SCX800A-3 and SCX1000A-3 models in December, 2021. The new 100t model, meanwhile, meets EU Stage ⅢA/ Tier 3 exhaust emission regulations.

The SCX1000HD-3 crawler has a maximum 100t lifting capacity and has been developed based on the concept of the company’s “SCX-3” series and “designed for outstanding work capabilities suited to heavy-duty work, as it’s the genuine successor of the HSC SCX900HD-2”, said the company. Engine specifications of the new SCX1000HD-3 meet EU Stage ⅢA/ Tier 3 exhaust emission regulations.

Among the SCX1000HD-3’s features are superior capabilities for foundation construction sites, where the crane excels with an extra 10t lifting performance over the previous SCX900HD-2.

“With its ample 100t lifting capability, it delivers smooth and accurate operations over a broad range of work types, from trenching for diaphragm walls through to constructing foundations. A powerful 13.5t rated line pull winch with free-fall function is included as standard,” said HSC, while adding that a 15.5t rated line pull winch, with free-fall function, is optionally available.

“In addition to the standard hydraulic oil cooler, an optional additional hydraulic oil cooler with improved heat balance performance has been newly set. By improving heat balance, reliable work can be done during even high-load trenching for continuous diaphragm walls,” said HSC.

The manufacturer added that safety has been covered in almost every conceivable way, with the use of a swing restriction device and swing brake pedal, while functions such as warning alarm and auto drum lock remain installed as standard. The large display panel includes all required information at a glance in an easy-to-view layout without disturbing the operator’s forward visibility. Catwalk and upper house handrails (folding type) are also installed as standard.

“Powered by a high-efficiency engine and equipped with an ECO winch and auto idle stop function to perform operations using less fuel, unnecessary fuel consumption has been reduced so that there is less impact on the environment,” said HSC’s announcement.

HSC added that with the SCX1000HD-3’s remote sensing capabilities installed as standard, machine operating condition can be monitored precisely by remote, ensuring preventative maintenance and planned maintenance can be easy and contribute to improving operating efficiency.

Describing the 175t capacity SCX1800A-3, which meets EU Stage V emission regulations, HSC said that the crane provides “exceptional lifting capabilities with a compact body”. The maximum main boom and crane jib combination is 75m + 31m, covering a wide working area to further streamline operations on worksites. A two-auxiliary sheave is also available to provide greater lifting performance, catering to increasingly diverse customer requirements. A 132kN (13.5t) rated line pull winch is optionally available.

The SCX1800A-3 is powered by a new-generation Cummins B6.7 engine that meets EU Stage V standards and has an advanced control system (ECO winch mode, auto idle stop function) for energy-efficient operation. Exhaust post-processing systems consist of a muffler filter and urea SCR. The preliminary stage muffler filter reduces particulate matter, while the subsequent stage urea SCR cuts down on NOx emissions.